Double Trouble

There is a reason it took me so long to upload this comic. And unlike usual, it wasn’t me being lazy or me being busy with a convention.
The reason this comic took me a while to upload is…

Because it’s the last one.

I submitted this comic to the magazine I worked for over two years ago… Right before they were bought out by another company, and many people were laid off, myself included.
I tried to create a campaign to get people to ask for the return of the comic strip to the magazine, but unfortunately, it did not work.
I created a Patreon page to fund the return of the comic as a strictly web-based comic, along with another comic strip of mine. I raised enough money to bring back the other strip, but not Dueling Grannies. (It’s still running, by the way, if you feel like supporting my works).

For the time being I decided to take some time off and focus on other projects of mine, such as a book I’m working on called Oy Vey 2. Oy Vey 1 is available in my online store.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, though.
The series was never actually ended. It just went on Hiatus and never came back… At least, not yet.
I am hoping to continue it. Maybe soon, maybe later. I’ve spent these years thinking of how to come back, what to do with it once it does come back, etc. Given the amount of thought I’ve given this over the past few years I can assure you this isn’t one of those comics that never comes back from hiatus. It will. Could be next month, could be in a year and a half. But it will. It’s far too dominant in my mind to let go of, and I still get people asking me at conventions what happened with Jonathan and Nofar after this scene.

All I can say is… Stay tuned and find out. Eventually.

I have a multi-page comic I haven’t translated yet that I might translate and upload here as an added bonus. It’s supposed to be an exclusive for the printed Dueling Grannies collection book, but I figure since several comics didn’t get translated, it’s only fair to give you guys a bonus. Multi-page comics take a while to translate though so I can’t promise it’ll be in the next few days. But check back. More content is coming!

Until then, why not watch this review of the comic series?

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